Pat Licata, REALTOR®

Airforce Brat

My dad served in the Air Force for 20 years, so I had the opportunity to live in several different states growing up, from cold New Hampshire to sunny Florida and many others in between. Colorado was my favorite, offering four distinct seasons and panning for gold! Having to make new friends every few years shaped my early outgoing personality. And I eventually learned to leave my bangs trimming to the professionals!

I was an only child until I was 13, when my brother Jim was born. I loved having a little brother and took him everywhere with me! Jim now lives in Texas.
When I was in 8th grade, we moved to northeastern PA, childhood home to both of my parents. I made great friends, including my future husband, John, the following year. Weekends were full of sports activities, dances, and the best pizza ever!

The Early Years

John and I attended several high school proms together in our hometown of Pittston, PA, and were even graduated from the same undergrad school, West Chester University, outside of Philly. Yep, I followed him there! We married in 1980 while John was in grad school at JMU. We then moved to northern Virginia in 1985, and our daughter, Ally, was born three years later. Where has the time gone??? Ally is now 32 and married!
In 2007 we purchased our first house in Lake of the Woods, and this move allowed me to discover my passions: lake life, wildlife (swans in particular), mid century modern furniture and items, helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals through real estate sales, renovating and staging homes, and, most importantly, being a grammy!

Nothing makes me feel better than when clients to whom I've sold a home in LOW thank me for introducing them to their perfect place at the lake and the benefits of living the LOWlife!

Nothing Beats the LOWlife!

In every season, there is so much beauty here! If you haven't been to Lake of the Woods, you are definitely missing out! In addition to the sheer beauty, there are so many available activities! And such close proximity to DC, Richmond, and Charlottesville! I cannot imagine a better place to live, work, and play.

Grammy's Girl!

I could never have imagined how my life would change on November 5, 2015, when I received the greatest gift in the world--the birth of my granddaughter. Oh how I absolutely love being Grammy to my girl!
So you are stuck indulging me with several pics and the absolute most precious video I have ever seen...

The love of my life!

As my dipsy doodle darlin' LuLu (aka Summer Louise) has grown, I have lost my consistent status as "Grammy" and am now sometimes referred to as Grandma...She is simply growing up too quickly!

Wild for Wildlife

LOW opened a whole new world of wildlife to me, and I truly appreciate all of the spectacular creatures with which I am lucky enough to share this fabulous environment. Communing with nature inspired me to form a wildlife group at Lake of the Woods!
And poor John has to put up with all the creatures I love!

Swooning Over Swans

Simply put, I love swans! I was adopted by "Carl" when we moved to the lake. Carl sat on our dock with us and would even knock on our patio door when he wanted attention. Carl passed away many years ago, and in general, there are now only a few swans left on the lake...they are such fragile and spectacular creatures.

Mid Mod Mad!

I am obsessed with everything mid century modern! John doesn't share my passion & often sports this look as he sees more treasures finding their way into our home. If you have any mcm items with which you are looking to part, please let me know...but don't tell John!

Beautifying the Lake

I love beautifying the lake by renovating homes and staging to bring out the unique qualities of each! I've partnered with my friend, Denise, and my teammates, to "flip" six homes in LOW so far. I gain tremendous joy and satisfaction from these endeavors. It's so much fun...and it is a great excuse to buy more mid century treasures (for staging, of course)!

Our Housemates

John and I share our home with our awesome dog, Penny, and cats Rocky and Cashmere (Cashi). Penny is a ferocious barker, while Rocky is an attention-seeker, and Cashi is pretty much an anti-social beauty.
When you visit our office, you will undoubtedly meet our friendly door greeter and mascot, Pancho. Pancho loves everyone, and we love him! He definitely adds flair (and a little hair) to our office!

Our Officemate

Commitment to Community

When I became a realtor in 2010 and subsequently formed a team, I was absolutely committed to giving back not only to the Lake of the Woods community, but also to the region.

I've served on several Lake of the Woods Association committees as well as the Orange County Chamber of Commerce and the OC Board of Equalization.
I'm incredibly proud of our entire Licata Group team! We fundraise for the Wilderness Food Pantry, the Orange County Animal Shelter, and Lake of the Woods Fire and Rescue, in addition to sponsoring many local teams, events, charities, and much more!

We love where we live and love supporting our community and other small businesses.

I Love Us!

It is certainly true that you typically spend more time with your work family than your actual family. Real estate is definitely no exception!
I can honestly say that while we are all different, we compliment and support each other. I love my work family!
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Thanks for watching my storybook!
Pat Licata
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